I get some silly ideas sometimes. I bought these little rubber duckies for a shoot I'm doing with a Weimaraner breeder soon. I thought I'd try them out with Abe. He balanced it on his head (see the extra), before flipping it in the air and catching it. It was switched out for a tasty treat. We did a few takes, but this was the funniest one. See the whole series here.

Then we went to obedience club. Abe was an angel; we had a ball. He was really solid and, well, obedient. He nearly lost it a couple of times, when other dogs came too close, but we managed to push through them and he didn't escalate. He's really getting better at the club and starting to be a lot more reliable. Still a way to go though.

Then Mass, where I backed the choir up (from in front of them!) and now home to a heater that won't start. MrB tried kicking it, but since that didn't work, he's now taking it to pieces ... again. It's a real pain; it keeps playing up. Hopefully it's not time for a new one.

It's been a chilly, wet day today; it's not supposed to be as wet tomorrow and a few degrees warmer.


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