Home Sweet Home

Here is another set of cormorant nests, just to give you a sense of how precarious the construction is. The one on the right looks like it's built up with mud, beakful by beakful until a secure platform has been made. The birds themselves seem able to stick on to a vertical wall without any problem. It's endlessly fascinating and I will be checking in more and more to keep track of the eggs and the chicks.

Drippy and cold again, not conducive to gardening or even sitting outside. I've been practicing piano to get ready for my first session with a teacher next week, and then I tackled some mending from the sturdy pile in the sewing room. My big adult decision was that I don't need to mend the worn flannel sheets! The animal shelter is always happy to get soft bedding. It feels like heresy, but I think I'll get over it...

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