By mollyblobs

Hard Fern

Another overcast morning, but the forecast was for rain later, so I went off early to Bedford Purlieus, to make a final check of our route, and also to locate the Mountain Melick (see extra), a rare grass at one of its most southerly UK sites. I also visited the Lily-of-the-valley glade,  where there is also a small population of Hard Fern. I've never been there when the new fronds have been unfurling and so hadn't appreciated their delicate beauty - just lovely!

The promised rain arrived before I'd finished my walk, but this time I didn't get too wet. It became worse around lunchtime, but in the afternoon there were a few sunny spells so I was able to spend a little time in the garden before cooking dinner. We now seem to have two singing Blackcaps ( a first) and about six o'clock a pair of Bullfinches (see extra) turned up and proceeded to gather seeds from the dandelion heads which are now prominent in our No-Mow-May lawn. Lovely to see them - it's been years since we spotted one in the garden. 

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