One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Halfhearted attempt

at making the heart-shaped thingy sign with two pair of rather uncoordinated arms. 

The terns on the pier were a lot more successful at getting some romantic action going. Noisily too... 

Earlier I was appointed as mandatory lifeguard by the Committee of Supremely Worried Mums, to accompany Finn and three of his mates for their first swim of the year. 
They were meant to go to Whiterock but the tide was high and the proportion of beach to crowd was frighteningly low, so we headed to the Vico, which is still sealed off. Except for those who know the little back lane. Which was quite a lot of people. Including the two old school nudists. They obviously managed to negotiate the fence at the beginning of the Not-So-Secret-Back-Lane without damage for their family jewels. For these were on display for all to see, in the bright May sunshine. I saw a few teenager girls who looked perplexed when stumbling upon such a tableau. 
Finn and his mates enjoyed their brief but intense first swim of the year. I had no problem going with them. Like the Worried Mums, I wouldn't like the idea of them swimming at the Vico without the supervision by an adult. 
What they mostly need though is a Ninja Nutritionist who carries out surgical strikes on all the crisps or other sugary atrocities they deemed essential as a post swim snack. The amount of unhealthy shite they can happily ingurgitate is fascinating and scary in equal measure. 

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