By randomgirl

Crumbling Terracotta pot

Today I was feeling a bit like this pot.
It's still holding up and managing just about to do the job it was intended for, but it's not as sturdy and as strong as it used to be. It's still the same pot though, even if you might say it's not as good, or as efficient a pot anymore.....in fact some would say it's a bit more interesting now? (Hope I don't sound too potty!)

Back in the real world: it has crumbled quite dramatically over the last two years because I guess terracotta isn't designed for Inverness winters. I had thought we'd be getting rid of it, but quirkily my husband decided to make a bit of a feature with it. He likes it like this, and it's grown on me too.

I'm probably going to run out of my quota of extras soon(!) but I wanted to include two other photos from today. One of the new green beech leaves in the wood, that I enjoyed seeing on my walk - especially as it had rained a little, so everything was very fresh feeling. The other of the little post box in the wall outside the old schoolhouse. I was admiring the pretty coloured tulips growing underneath it.

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