Today Jill and I went to her campus so she could drop off student payroll information. I got this photo when she was inside. Campus was practically empty, which was nice. It was bright and sunny too, a plus after all the recent rain.

In great news, we finally rode our bikes today. Since getting my bike about two weeks ago, I had not been able to ride it because of weather or my work schedule. That changed today. Hooray.

It was nice. We rode to one of the trails and rode about three miles round trip on it. Jill's knee hurt, so going uphill was a pain for her. She might need to get that looked at by a doctor.

We plan on going on another trail today. Cumberland is mile zero for two trails, so we can start at the same spot and go left instead of right. This time we'll put the bikes on the rack on my car and drive since it's hilly to and from our house.

Mental notes I made: I need to wear gloves during the ride. The gel seat cushion Jill gave me makes the ride more comfortable (she has one for her bike too). The saddle bag fits our phones, keys, my wallet, my glasses strap, Band-Aids and has room for more. I don't have the hang of getting started from a stop yet, but I will get it. I wobble a bit and can't get my feet right.

But I am already really happy with it. I want to ride all the time.

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