Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Well, since I was an “ add on” to the surgery schedule, there turned out to be no room today.   Sigh.   So the minute I heard  that it would be tomorrow I ordered coffee and lunch was NOON!  
H brought me a latte later in the afternoon.  Just last week were patients in this hospital allowed to have a visitor. One a day one time... have to stay in the room .   I find I would miss coffee more than wine.   At least now.  
The cup is  plastic but I thought pretty classy.   The earring ( for tiny Tuesday a day late!)came with me’s from Scotland, ..the 2nd volume of the outlander series by Diana Gabaldon   Dragonfly in Amber. I like them and they make me remember, a fun trip. ( I admit to following the outlander  trail there.! )
So a little book, a little Netflix, no sleep, and then  had to do FaceTime with Herbs brother and sil .  Since they are not allowed to come here...I was helping them figure out how to get Nik’s game from my Facebook on the computer to the they are standing, proud that they managed  it.   The game was against Garfield , Eric’s old team) who are really good.  It was fun to watch on my iPad on my lap.   
Stay tuned..tomorrow I should have a new hip!

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