twinned with trumpton


0530 awake; car fetched at 6, Barry at 0630, Her at 0700; Glencoe for just after 1000.

Meall Dearg - the east end of the Aonach Eagach. The scaredy cat route from Loch Leven; not the full on rollercoaster white knuckle ride of a full traverse. Barry had Logan and She would definitely not do the full thing. (TBH, I'm not sure I would, either, but I suppose I do need to get my head around still needing all of Skye before compleating, so...)

An OK day as we set off up the glen and by the time we'd hit the bealach between the Munro and the neighbouring Garbh Beinn (Corbett), the sun was breaking through. 

As a test of who'd survived lock down the best, She strode on ahead, I hid behind my unfitness, blaming the dog for hampering my progress, Barry alone in his painful lack of match fitness.

A bit over 2 hours in, me and Her hit the summit; snow capped Bidean to the south was the show stopper, but all around were magnificent mountains; the Ben getting a sleet shower, Schiehallion and Ben Alder waaaaay off east over the Blackwater reservoir; Ardgour looking imposing; the rest of the Glencoe mountains majestic from this vantage point. Oh - and the small matter of the ridge.... I went for a quick explore; under Her fearful gaze, convinced I would plummet from view to certain death at any moment. I did one pinnacle and chimney before heading back to lower Her blood pressure. Then lentil soup and sunbathing. Alone at one of the standout summits of the Munro circuit. Oh yes. 

Barry puffed into shot shortly after; and once he'd eaten, we set off downwards; my favourite descent - rock hopping, tuft jumping. At least it was for most of it, until the out of practice thighs started to weaken and thankfully the flatter path appeared and guided us back to the start.

3 sunny hours back down the A82; admiring the myriad of green shades from the array of different trees. I even spotted a colleague in a layby at Ben More as they came off the hill after their day out...! Only in Scotland.

218 / 282; 64 left. I'd love to get to 50 to go by the end of the year; let's not get carried away yet, though!

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