a lifetime burning

By Sheol

The joys of Weston

A walk across the beach saw me sand blasted today. I originally thought that I might get some shots of windsurfers and kite surfers in waves, but despite the strong winds there was very little swell.  There was a solitary windsurfer braving the conditions, and I did get some shots of him, but in the end I much preferred this sandstorm landscape.

As an extra I've uploaded another Birnbeck shot - this time you can really see the damage to pier section, and why it might not be safe to venture out upon it!  Historic England has put Birnbeck at the top of the National Buildings at Risk Register, and you can clearly see why.  It was a bit of toss up as to which one I decided to make the main, but in the end, as I'd blipped Birnbeck only yesterday I thought you might enjoy the beach today.

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