By JoseeSouren1958

Vacation #day2#. Secret Garden

today we went to Deventer. It's a "Hanseatic City". A very nice city with many alleys where the old buildings can still be admired.
Similarly, a "Dickens Street" Dickens from Christmas :-) for those who do not immediately find the link.

This street was once the poorest street, where you were not allowed to go as a child.
A resident got the idea to dress up in the shops.
That was a good idea, it turned out afterwards. More and more people came to look and buy in the shops with dressed-up staff.
A visitor at one of the shops suddenly said one day "It looks like a Charles Dickens street here.
And so the idea was born.
They also have a museum there where you can also rent traditional clothing during Christmas.
In this street I came across the tilting gate of a garage. This one was completely painted with the name "the secret garden". This is also the title of a book and movie.
I thought the photo fit the story of that street

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