By TrishaR

Being Tourists

How exciting, a trip to the big city!  Trying to remember the last time I was in Edinburgh and i think it was March 2019 for Cameron’s birthday.

Got the tram from the park and ride at the stop after the airport.  Seeing the airport made me yearn for a trip - anywhere.....

10.30 and we were in the portrait gallery for our appointed time.  The lockers are out of bounds and there is a one way system with reduced numbers being admitted.  The bookshop/gift shop is removed which I don’t understand as shops are open.  My head/eyes started to play up luckily (conveniently) as we reached the old paintings so I headed to the coffee shop Fortitude, practically next door.  Small place selling beautiful smooth coffee with a delicious blueberry/lemon/almond loaf.  These details are important.

Walked along past the Scott monument And lo and behold, wasn’t blowing a gale in fact it’s been one of the few days in May where sun shine and not raining!  Fab.  Walked up Broughton Street on to the Royal Mile which is usually mobbed and eerily quiet atm.  Folks sitting out at restaurants but not the franticness that it usually is.

Decided to have lunch sitting out on Johnson Terrace in the sun at Hanams.  Great food served with amazing chips (my favourite food).

We then wander somewhere and walked through the Greyfriars Bobby cemetry and saw his grave with twigs thrown by folks - then the statue.  The pic was taken in a place called Vennel where I’d never been before but T McDuff in his blipping and work days in Edinburgh walked this route.  I was taking a picture when this nice Asian couple who were sitting on the steps asked if I wanted a pic taken.  

Tram back to the car park and we found a phone in the tram so handed it to the driver .  

A good day out! 

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