Fun Friday

Rushed to put away a supermarket delivery then I caught two buses to Keighley to have my eye test.  Lovely lady in the opticians was extremely impressed with the improvement in my eyesight in my right eye, but not impressed with the “mess” caused to my left eye by the difficult cataract removal.  Lots of extra photos taken for the files.  Not the surgeon’s fault - caused rather by a certain optician (not the current one) not referring early enough.  The old idea was to wait until cataracts were “ripe” before referral - the ophthalmic surgeon said that is worst case scenario now as it makes removal difficult and as in my case can lead to the ligament holding the lens to be damaged so a new lens cannot be supported.  Anyway, new reading glasses ordered and due in a couple of weeks.  Home and changed to meet friends for dinner at a local pub.  Finding the right door to get in was the first issue, and then I realised I had a different coat on and no mask in the pocket!  Luckily I was wearing a scarf so used that!  Lovely meal in fun company and felt like we were back to “normality”! Then read that there is a virulent form of the Covid virus in this area which they are calling the “Triple Mutant Yorkshire Variant” with 3 “concerning” mutations - brings you back to reality!  However, it doesn’t seem to be causing too many problems at the moment, but shows we have to stay alert.  View of the pub and the view from the old bridge next door.  Great start to the weekend.

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