Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Birthday Meal

For some reason, today has felt more like a Friday than yesterday did, apart from the morning when we had our usual OaSis Zoom session. That went well and for longer than normal with no one in a hurry to leave the meeting, except for us. We had a lunch engagement, so we got dressed pronto and were at the venue with ten minutes to spare. We then waited almost forty minutes for our guests. Hmmm.

I chose Biella at Wafi, a restaurant I love for its food as well as ambience. It was Rebecca's birthday yesterday and as she is here temporarily, away from her kids and grandkids, we decided to take her (and her "boyfriend" of 44 years) for a meal. I'm glad we chose this venue because when the time came for dessert, our very switched on waiter, Hossam, asked for the name of the birthday girl and then had it written on the plate, even spelling it correctly.

We moved on to Icons for coffee and a leisurely chat. Rebecca and Darryl arrived here last February to take up the post of interim Pastor and then COVID struck. They have coped very well with their unplanned, extended stay in Dubai. Fortunately, they lived and worked here before, and that experience has given their ministry a dimension we've not had with previous ministers.

We raced home for G to deliver a lesson to her student in Doha. While she was doing that, delivery of a 5-gallon bottle of alkaline water arrived. (This was the SMS I received on Monday telling me of a competition I had won that I had not entered in.) Alkaline water is all the rage at the moment. Last Friday, out of the blue, a lady phoned me wanting to supply a month's worth of alkaline water for G.The purpose behind the free supply is for the user to then buy the machine that produces the water. My "win" option is better, as after I receive ten free bottles, I can buy the product. It is cheaper than the current bottled water I buy and gets delivered to me. Now I just have to organise a dispenser to get the water out! :))

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