Robin at large

By Robin


It stopped raining today. Well almost. Enough for us to venture out anyway. There was the occasional shower, but they were mostly quite light showers from a single cloud, so they passed over quickly.

We ventured further afield than I have been for a very long time, and managed to go as far as Fyvie Castle. The picture shows the boathouse next to the lake.. There were lots of bluebells where I was standing, but they were largely lost in the photograph.

There was also a family of ducklings next to the shore in front of me. Totally unconcerned by our presence, they were concentrating on an afternoon feed from the shallows.

One of the brief showers arrived just after I had taken this picture. At the castle we asked when the cafe would be open. We were told it would open as soon as they managed to recruit a cook! The closure of the cafe today it turned out was not Covid related today!

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