After the Win

Historic moment today for our home team St Johnstone winning this season Cup Double! this is our local the Cherrybank Inn who converted the car park into an outdoor seating area with the massive TV set up at the end of the car park. Local lad Calum Davidson is the manager, and it’s his first season managing the Club. Such a shame that the Manager of the YeAr was decided before the end of the actual season and went down the road to Rangers Steven Gerard, surely more deserving to be awarded to Calum? Hmmmm

Also my dad a lifelong St J supporter would have loved it today :)

Watched Eurovision. A lot of Beyoncé style outfits on the ladies - a lady Gaga rip off song from Cyprus and U.K. getting last beaten by an act that had the middle finger in their band. Lol.

Britain , the most hated place in Euroland, no surprise really :D

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