By littlemissquirk


My brother has no curtains yet so woke to the most amazing sunrise, took a photo, but at 4.43am it was as unfocused as my myopic eyes.
Dozed some more then walked out from the doorstep to one of my favourite walks at The Hermitage along the River Braan past Ossian’s Hall seen here.
Up to Rumbling Bridge then over the hill to arrive back at my brothers. Nearly 8km of gorgeous Perthshire.
So lucky as during brunch in Dunkeld the dark arrived and hovered all day with rain and hailstones. No worry. Fire lit, films and Gogglebox on as we played Uno, Mancala, Scrabble ( she cheated but won) and a messy Jenga. IKEA biscuits eaten and lots of tea drank. The perfect wet Sunday.

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