By Ingeborg

Design packaging

I had a mishap on Friday when my iPad fell from its case and dropped from the workspace in the kitchen to the tiled floor. The display screen was full of cracks and some pieces came off. I was looking into getting it repaired but DJ said to get a new one as this one was already more than 5 years old ! So I did get a new one, it arrived yesterday and I unpacked it this morning. They must have some really good design people at Apple, even the cable looks great in its case ! I did spend most of the day setting it up though, the automatic instant transplant of data from the old one to the new one just wouldn't work ! Which means I'm running behind again .... But it gave me an idea for the optional theme of Abstract Thursday this coming Thursday: 'simplicity' ! The tag will be AT309.

Thanks so much for all the entries for Abstract Thursday last week, so many with lines ! Very hard to choose just 5 specials. Here's the list of those 5 but I could have easily made a list of 10 more !

SeriousFrolic     simple lines work so well
dbrereton           great architectural lines
BikerBear            leaves and lines
Tommie2           topsy-turvy lines
pkln                     lines a plenty on a building

And thank you really so very much for all the lovely comments, stars and hearts for Friday's milestone and for yesterday's ladybird, you are too kind !

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