Pot luck

Surreptitiously trying to introduce more plants in to the flat (MrM thinks there are enough already...), I ordered a "green plant" with the last online supermarket shop. Very happy with the Chamaedorea that arrived, and MrM has yet to notice it! Shhh! 

Another indoor Blip on a day when, once again, the weather was vile, and MrM and I were busy wallpapering and didn't set foot outside the gate at all. It didn't take long to realised that we had been hugely unrealistic optimistic to think that we might do all the papering in one day. We started on the most difficult part, and persuading paper to stay on a very high, sloping, curved ceiling was a challenge, to say the least. The first attempt failed spectacularly, and ended up with the paper on the floor and paste in my hair! We must have looked like a slapstick comedy act! In the end, we managed to do about a third of the papering, but it was the most difficult part, so the rest should be relatively easy. Hopefully!

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