A rather half-hearted Blip on a day when, er, we did very little! It's a glass coaster, made by a friend who's a talented stained-glass artist. It usually lives on the bathroom windowsill, where it catches the light beautifully, and is useful for the odd occasion when you take a cup of something in there for a quiet minute or two...

Bank Holiday Saturday, and I didn't step outside the gate all day. The fierce wind hadn't died down as forecast, and MrM and I both opted to exercise on the bike rather than go out for a walk. A element of competition is developing, but so far MrM is streaking ahead with distance cycled!

I did get round to putting up a curtain in front of our bedroom doorway. Last week MrM finished laying the last section of the hall floor, and to do so he removed the bedroom door. It had been damaged by the previous occupants of the flat - looked like someone tried to punch a hole through it(!) - and he decided not to put it back. While MrM didn't mind the room being open to the hallway, I wasn't so keen, not least because there's a roof light in the hall. The sun shining through it on to my face has woken me at a silly hour every morning this week! Anyway, the curtain is up, and will do the job until we get a new door.

Dominic Cummings has dominated today's news. He and his family have travelled from London to Durham during lockdown, probably more than once. One rule for him, and another for the rest of us, eh?
Hopefully, he'll resign.

Lockdown, day 61, Saturday

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