Snap, crackle, and pop

By marking_time


I will not pretend that this stove did not play a large part in seducing us into buying this house. However, we have for some time been entertaining some doubts about it and I keep on reminding myself that we need to install a Carbon Monoxide monitor. In fact I remembered, albeit briefly, the last time we visited a Brico but we managed to checkout without one. Madness, really, as we have both remarked on a tendency to.feel unwell the morning after having a fire lit (the stove pipe passes through our bedroom). I.check my fingernails but they don't look unusually pink, so I have yet to panic...

Fast forward to today. The weather is vile again. I am not one for bothering about weather so if even I am longing for a change, I can tell that things are bad.

We lit a fire again today.

I was sitting here and a thought struck me. We had a fire going yesterday. Did we have one the first time that Nell had an episode? DH confirmed it.

We googled the symptoms of CO poisoning in canines. Nell doesn't have them all but the symptoms that she does have all fit.

We were going to put the fire out, just in case, but have left it burning whilst DH has gone out to find a monitor. He tracked down a Brico that is open today and they have one in stock, according to their website. We would not be able to test the fire if it were out, would we.

It's a horrible day to be driving to town but DH may have the best of it. I stayed home in case Nell has another episode and, just in case we are on the right track, I am going out in the wind and rain on a frequent basis in order to give the dog an airing.

I did do a load of laundry this morning. That was hopelessly optimistic of me. It's draped upstairs, by the stove pipe :-)

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