By dunkyc

The A-minus Team

Busy start to the week, but I’m learning that rather succumbing to overfacing it is better by far to lean into it the tasks in hand and deal with them head on.

Little by little I am starting to have more confidence in the fact that I do know what I am doing and that my professional opinion does count for something - not much, I grant you - but something.

This has bled over into my personal life and I’ve been picking tasks off left, right and centre:
Carmen’s birthday dinner? Sorted. 
Matilda’s birthday trampoline/vomit combo session? Booked.
Disclaimer that when we all break something or each other, we won’t sue the bouncy place? Signed. 
Lunch with Russ? Nailed. 
Half term trip to the grandparents? In the diary - I’ve even been offered a day off from the children on one of my days off?! 
Grotty plug in the bathroom? C’mon, give me a challenge - cleaned. 
Left over cookies? Eaten.
Blip? On its way. 

So if you want something doing that involves the minimum of planning and effort, little to no manual labour, if no one else will help you, and if you can find me (because I’ll be hiding) maybe you can hire……..DunkyC.


Today’s image is a worm’s eye view of the drooping bell flower/campanula/possible weed that has launched itself into the stratosphere from within a pot in the continuing rat-free yard.

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