By dunkyc

The rule of three

I woke at a far too early 4.40 this morning.

There was no discernible reason for this premature awakening, but awake I was and as much as I tried I couldn’t get back to sleep for ages. I clearly did manage it as when I looked at the clock again it was just past 8am and time for the Sunday morning ritual of a brew in bed, some Classic FM and catch up with my fellow blippers.

Three, you see?

Knowing that some inclement weather was due, I rustled up some good company and we went for a wander around what is fast becoming my new favourite spot; Levens Deer Park. I like it because you get a bit of everything; the aforementioned deer, the river and a bit of woodlands for good measure (three), moreover, the walk looks different EVERY time. Today, it was the greenest I think I have seen it before and all the prettier for it.

Walk done and with stomachs a-rumbling, we took a look at Levens Hall café, but with people queuing to get in and both of us neglecting to bring our face masks, we did a volte face and went back to mine ordered a couple of Domino’s finest and by Grabthar’s Hammer laughed our way through the brilliance of Galaxy Quest.

I must confess that having completed a hat-trick of hat-tricks (the final one being walk, food & film), I actually felt a bit of Sunday relaxation creeping in. Might need to feast properly at lunchtime on a Sunday more often!

Nice way to finish a lovely weekend and hope you’ve had a good one too!

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