After a busy but relatively productive day at work I catalogued my collection of HDDs that I'm accumulating. They basically come when something gets upgraded, and a drive gets cascaded down. I've got a pair of cases, the rest of them are naked, and get connected as they are via an external USB3-SATA interface - not ideal but good enough. I really do need to decide what to do with them, some can get used, but in truth they are almost not worth giving away anymore - no one wants them!

Today's blip is a tiny 64 GB USB thumb drive. It's metal on the outside, but the important bits are all made from sand, which is a common mineral mostly made up of quartz (silicon dioxide). If you remove the metal casing, and the USB, interface the actual chips in there will be very tiny. For scale behind it is an old ICY-BOX enclosure, which contains a full sized 3.5" hard disk, on an old PATA interface - however it's so much bigger that most of it isn't even in the shot.... I opened it up to look at it today, and the manufacture date on the disk is 1999 and the capacity is only 13 GB. I've not used it in years and there is a good chance it probably won't even work, but at only 13 GB of capacity you can see why it's just gathering dust!

I probably should dban (securely erase) the drives I don't want, and then give them away to my local makers club, while there is a hope that someone may actually want one of them...

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