By Ingleman

Lighten The Mood

Tired and frustrated, busy day and little time for blipping or anything wholly pleasurable. Volunteering and very busy weeding and planting. I do enjoy it but sometimes the aches and pains take over, mobility is impaired and generally grouchiness takes over. Not conducive to the principles of the new me. My near-death experience three years ago taught me many things and the main one is there is no time for grouchiness. You only get one shot at life. Cheer up !!

My blip is a picture of the shadows in the man cave where I go for self induced therapy. The light play and shadows are always interesting and I have commented before on here how amazing it is to watch the light move across the scene and numerous shots resulted in dramatically different images. I like this one, so there!

I went to get fuel for the car after the day's end, and whilst I was standing at the counter a cheery  shaven headed 'gentleman' came bustling in and addressing the lady behind the counter called ' allo sweet'eart'..and in like a flash I said 'allo darling'.....and happily got laughs from a shop full of tired and grouchy people so it was a nice moment to go home with....

Wednesday again tomorrow...countdown to another beautiful weekend, so stay safe and prepare to have fun, or else!

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