By Happyme

New tools....

put to use today. Before the rain set in I managed an hour or so in the garden, planting out my cabbage and Brussels sprout. I'm not sure if they'll still be there in the morning; taking their chances with the weather and the rabbits! I found it quite hard going. What with my leg still giving me pain and pulling a muscle in the other while moving mum, an hour of crouching and planting was more than enough. I'm definitely swaying towards making a garden to look at rather than work in! I've started to research some hardy plants and shrubs that will survive the harsh winter and especially the windy conditions we've had so much of this year. If anyone has any good ideas I am all ears!
The rest of the day was spent with the usual aftermath of a week away, washing and putting things away. Then some house cleaning as it doesn't take long for things to get very dusty when you have a coal stove!
I'm still speaking to mum a couple of times a day, it was four times today, just to make sure she's ok and sort out a few little niggles. Her key worker Pam, and all the other Carers are very friendly and helping her with whatever she needs. I feel a great sense of relief and I'm sleeping better already.
New beginnings for us all!

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