Robin at large

By Robin

Granite City

I ventured today into areas of Aberdeen I have not been for six months or more. The panorama shows the junction of Union Street and Union Terrace. I notice the statue of the King (top centre) has been removed, as have the trees. In the case of the King I presume he will return when the works in Union Terrace Gardens are complete. The trees will have gone forever.

To the left of the panorama I see the skeleton of a construction of some sort appearing. Will this be a cafe? I found a picture on the BBC website in which the finished structure appears, though it does not indicate the purpose of the building.

Strange how in these artist impressions it is always warm and sunny. The reality today was far from either. Cloudy and cool as usual. A light drizzle had suggested to me I was unwise not to have taken something waterproof with me. Luckily the weather remained dry.

I was taken by the number and size of marquees in and around Union Street. These point to a more realistic understanding of Aberdeen weather than conveyed in the artist impressions.

The other two pictures show granite buildings I passed during the morning. On the left the Music Hall in a classical architectural style. Right a former car showroom in art deco design.

Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting Wide Wednesday. I have not followed the theme, but the lower panorama is definitely wide!

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