By snailspace

My little haven

It is good to be knitting again. For those in the know: it is a Clapotis, just cast on today.

There's little light in the sitting room and it's chilly in there just now so I have come upstairs to the newly completed back bedroom that we use as an office. It's warmer up under the roof, there's good light from the skylight and the newly fitted spotlights. Also there is our telly-viewing sofa. We don't have a settee downstairs and knitting in an armchair is awkward. We have side tables too, for our movie-watching wine glasses and mine is coming in handy for marking my pattern rows. All in all I do believe that the office should be rechristened as my workspace!

I spent much of my day attempting to reorganise my cameras into various bags as I was given a new camera bag for my birthday. When not sorting cameras and charging batteries, I was casting on and setting the pattern for this scarf.

I'm using a cheap cotton yarn from Action. It's my hope that I will end up with a light summer wrap that will go nicely with some of my silk sari skirts.

Mr L has spent his day battling the brambles. For light relief he is now thwacking his drum kit. It occurs to me that being upstairs with my knitting us Quite A Good Thing

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