While on my runs

By waipushrink

Full moon on Kawau Bay

Today has been the last day for two weeks that I drive to Auckland in the early morning. That meant that I had to try and leave clear plans for what I think should happen for the patients who someone else will be helping my registrar look after.

Unfortunately, the electronic notes programme decided to play up and show me who is boss. That's certainly not me. When I decided that enough was all that I could manage, and left for home, I hit the worst crawl and certainly the worst driver behaviour of swapping lines without warning. It took more than an hour to go halfway. It wasn't until then that drivers left gaps to allow gradual slowing, and desisted from the almost desperate chase after a few car lengths advantage by suddenly changing lanes. Thereafter, I was able to relax a little, and become aware of the singing of Peggy Lee on the CD I was playing and not hearing.

On the last 10km stretch from Warkworth I saw the moon low in the sky. Went down Arabella Lane to the edge of the bay and took the photo i've blipped. The extra was taken this morning from the unit just after I had arrived at work. The sun was about to rise above the horizon, and the moon was low in the sky.

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