Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Sunset Flight

Year 2 Day 64 of UK COVID-19 Pandemic.  First UK Vaccine 170 days ago. England & Wales open. Minor restrictions.

A day around the house doing gardening jobs and enjoying a cuppa outside with a neighbour. It wasn't until late this evening I finished and was hoping to get a sunset photograph from the patio but it was a medicocre sunset. I did enjoy watching this bird of prey (Kestrel- extra now attached) hovering over our rear field, before diving on some prey below. Lovely to be able to watch nature, one of the benefits of countryside living.

W-I-D-E  Wednesday Challenge Results

This weeks theme is 'Under Cover'. With plentiful photo's I went for the one I thought were bang one theme. I hope you like the choices.....

1.   Carolina                         Masked
2.   H0tamer                        Duvet Day
3.   Hanulli                            Dog Duvet Day!!!!!
4.   Maureen6002               Seaside Shelter
5.   Stella2                            Boat

Honourary Mentions

a)  DavidC                              Bus Shelter
b)  Libecio                             Canvas sheet
c)  59                                       Court House
d)  Mole                                   Cleveland Museum
e)  Puffin                                 Cafe Bar

Thanks to all who tagged entries to keep the challenge competetive!

See you next week. Themes on the community page

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