Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Fiona on Thursday

I think the grandkids don’t quite know what to do with me.... if they listen to their parents, I’m to not go anywhere out of bed without a body airbag.    Fi says she tripped over the dishwasher door but didn’t break anything .   So we missed  time with Fiona and had to catch up the old fashioned way...this time all of us lying on the bed.   We compared what we could pick up with our pick up sticks.. Ours are different but very useful .can put my pants on.   ( not supposed to flex more than 90 degrees at hip.... think about that..forget getting that puzzle piece on the floor)
And she chose a funny book to read and of course we had to admire jasper.   And meet the new  large PMV family.  Glad she’s going to school... but graduation from 5 th grade will be online too.  Maybe that’s not so bad for me.    Would rather be at the park with a real camera than this poor creation tho.   Sigh. 
The home health nurse was by today and later we managed to figure out a shower! 

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