By JennyOwen

Warming up, looking up?

Perhaps the weather is finally heading in a more gentle direction? A short wander round the garden reveals gooseberries, plums and strawberries all setting nicely. The weeds have galloped ahead, fuelled by all May's rain. Other plants are cautiously raising their heads after all the wet and windy battering. A few sunflower seedlings have survived the multiple attacks of fierce weather and hungry slugs.  In desperation I stood their pots inside large plastic crates, to stop the little b******s finishing them off before their stems thickened up.
I am hoping for sunshine over the weekend, and a change to get some work done out there.
Meanwhile, Richard has taken Eben to our local soft play centre. I've got a cough and cold still, so have opted to stay at home. E will stay overnight with us: another 'sleepover' with the oldies!
I have, of course, been browsing through all the coverage of D Cummings' evidence to the parliamentary committee earlier this week.  Someone posted a comment on Facebook to the effect that when the choice comes down to which of two liars to believe (or to disbelieve the least), it's a sorry reflection on our prospects.

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