By ThisOldHouse

Architectural glamour?

It must have snowed a bit more overnight as there was a full covering this morning and we had to scrape more than an inch off the car windscreen - that's a lot for coastal Ayrshire! A not unreasonably early morning hospital appointment found us in one of the Ayr clinics - a drab 70's style, single storey building, pretty unwelcoming and really showing its age through lack of maintenance. But in its favour - and unusually for the NHS - parking was no problem! Glancing in the car mirror revealed this view - hardly glamourous, but there was something appealing in the rhythmic panels of brick, stone and glazing. Oh dear, two blips of schools on consecutive days - sorry!

Afterwards, we headed into town for a coffee at The Waterfront, which re-opened recently after four years out of service. It is just on the edge of the town centre, so probably not the easiest location to draw custom. But the new management seems to have rekindled some life into this old place. And with a window seat overlooking the harbour, as well as a coffee and cream scone for £1.50, we reckon it now qualifies as the best value in Ayrshire!

By the afternoon, the snow had melted away, though flurries continued to blow in from the north-east and it's still bitterly cold.

Update 12 March: Have just been informed that the Heathfield Clinic is to be closed, which explains the lack of maintenance. The school, on the other hand, appears in rude health, with a modern extension to the right hand side (out of shot).

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