The Last Pennsylvania Mermaid Checks In

Wednesday was a day of thunderstorms and lunch out and wild rides. But after the storms, Thursday dawned, lovely and sunny and warm. So my husband and I decided it was time to go for the first swim!

We packed up our swim gear and chairs and cooler and towels, nabbed some hoagies on the way, and headed for the woods. There is a pond we know that is good for swimming, and so that is where we headed. The water was green and calm.

As soon as we got settled, I unpacked my stuff, blew up my floatie, and put on my swim fins. This was my view as I got ready to head into the water. Those fins really make a difference when you are swimming long distances! T. Tiger kept careful watch from the shore.

The temperature of the air was in the 70s and so was the water temperature. It felt surprisingly balmy for so early in the season. I lolled around on my floatie, and then I ditched it and swam a few laps back and forth. It was wonderful to get exercise and fresh air in the clean, lovely water!

My soundtrack song is from the movie The Little Mermaid. It's called Kiss the Girl.

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