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The Quizmaster is always right ...

Another full-on day, one way and another. There was the weekly supermarket visit before breakfast (note to self: be earlier next week; the daylight is encouraging people to go out earlier. There was a queue to check out.) Breakfast, two phone calls, coffee. Then I had to parcel up a pair of faulty (and expensive) Oboz trainers for return: Himself discovered a few days ago that my left foot was suffering because the upper on the left shoe was identical to that on the right shoe, so that the shoes weren't mirror image in their design. The heavy seam excoriating my big toe joint should have been over the much lesser small toe. Off they went to the Post Office - happily, although I'd recycled the box, I'd kept the returns sticky label. I walked to the post office and back because I loathe the parking at the Co-op, in which all posting has now to be done.

After lunch we had a walk among the farms at Ardyne, a walk with two relatively lengthy social moments when we met first a former pupil from long ago when all the world was young and then the wife of a former colleague. The resulting chat meant that we had to keep up a fairly spanking pace, for reasons that will emerge, but it was very peaceful and beautiful with only a few drips of rain as we returned to the car. My extra photo is a collage of the wild garlic, hawthorn and other wild flowers along the verges.

And the main blip? The reason for our rush. The church quiz has moved online for the duration of the pandemic, and it's an amazingly successful format. Our team included some of my bestie's family in England as well as us four; there were family members of other competitors from a chilly early morning in New Zealand (now there's dedication for you!); there were friends who've moved away but who have been formidable participants in past years. I never believe it's going to work, but the competitive spirit takes over and off we go...

We didn't win this year, but came in 3rd, one point behind the 2nd place and  4.5 points short of the leaders. 

Do you know Marilyn Monroe's real surname?

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