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Full steam ahead

In some ways this felt like the first day of summer - after a heavy mist first thing, we've had a wonderfully warm, sunny day and despite the knowledge that there's cloud coming over from Ireland I can still enjoy the clear evening sky at 11pm. It's been a non-stop sort of day, beginning with phone calls before I was even dressed. Then there was that visit to the doctor - I've not met this GP before, and was delighted by his assertion that he was here to stay, as he's one of the most agreeable doctors to deal with that anyone could ask for. Turned out he wanted to see me in case what I thought was a trivial if painful skin excrescence turned out to be malignant; I'm glad he didn't spell that out during the phone consultation. 

Immediately after that we were off to the church for the weekly recording session; I spent some time sitting on a grave surround in the sun trying to get one line of a plainsong hymn into my head while Himself practised the organ inside. I ended up improvising about four words, but that was partly because I'd taken the wrong specs with me ...

Lunch in the garden was followed by a return to my happy place in Benmore Gardens. The azaleas are out now, and there are some wonderful scents as well as colours. That's when I took the photo that's today's blip - it looks like a complete abstraction but is in fact the surface of the pond with the slight ripple caused by the fountain. 

We had to eat early for us, as I had a Zoom vestry meeting to attend.  These meetings are amiable and we get through the stuff, but I find that  sitting at the computer till after 9pm finishes me off. And that, O Best Beloved, is why I'm so far behind with visiting other blips - I shall return!

Final thought: if you're in the UK, does it occur to you that this Dominic Cummins outburst is the prelude to a change of occupancy of No.10? Like maybe Dom's wee pal Gove? You couldn't make it up ...

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