Pictorial blethers

By blethers

The shades of night ...

...are falling fast ... and actually that title refers only to the photo, which I've just taken from our silent garden at the end of a lovely day of talking and eating with my cousin and his wife. I've tried and failed to take an adequate photo of the moonrise, mainly because it's too far to the south for me to get a decent view without heading down to the shore, and I'm much too tired for any such thing.

We were meeting the cousin I've always known best, not in Glasgow as originally intended, in our favourite Italian restaurant, but in Bearsden, where he lives, because of Glasgow's still being in Level 3 restrictions as a place of greater pestilence. Instead, he'd booked a table at Monadh Kitchen, which I'm delighted to publicise here as serving excellent food (wild garlic pesto dressing, with the flowers on top, for grilled asparagus ... Gigha halibut ...) in a pleasantly attentive manner. Oh, how much I've missed food cooked by someone else - and now I've had three such meals in the space of six days!

I'm hoarse with talking so much - we've not met since early October, and there was a great deal to share.We walked from their house to the restaurant and back again, sat above their garden with a view down towards Glasgow, looked at old family photos, and talked, and talked, until we were going out to the car still talking, which is the subject of my extra photo. (We weren't socially distancing: it's just the way we landed!)

I found our way in and out of the warren of residential streets around their house with the help of Waze - we didn't choose to have a sat-nav when we bought the car, but this app is certainly the best I've used. I felt rather smug when we found ourselves back on the familiar motorway heading to the ferry. But now I'm merely knackered, and bed seems wildly attractive, moon or no moon. G'night!

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