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By keibr

Lost in Paradise

Today the promised warmth finally arrived. We had breakfast out on the deck, listening to birdsong and looking at the rapidly unfurling leaves on our birch tree.
I decided to take a bike ride as it’s a while since I took the e-bike out. There was gardening that needed doing, but there’s always gardening that needs doing so I decided cycling should be prioritised.
I wanted to explore a forest road that cut a corner between us and the next valley to the south and would save us a few kilometers when we drove that way, if it was a real road. Neither Google map, or the satellite view, was good enough to really see, so real life exploration would be needed.
My plan was to cycle it and see if it was a grassy track or a gravel road.  All went well as I cycled a fine gravel road until I reached a fork in the road. Left went to a house, and beyond. Right seemed to be the better travelled way, so I went right. I could have checked the map in my phone naturally, but the aim is to cycle, and sometimes the “wrong” road turns out to be more fun, so I let serendipity decide.
Of course it was the wrong way. It followed a long lake for several kilometers and I hoped it would go all the way to the end where I knew there was a village and an alternative road home. It didn’t. It was a good road to a traditional summer pasture gathering of cabins, and then it started to get grassier, then I had to carry the bike across fallen trees blocking the road, then a very marshy area. I left the bike there and walked another 100 meters through straight forest, heading for the sound of a stream. Would there be some kind of bridge? No, there wouldn’t.  I had literally reached the end of the road. But it was very beautiful, rather dark under the thick trees with sunlight glistening from the stream and a soundscape of babbling brook and spring birdsong. I could only feel happy to be in that lovely spot, 10 km from home, to have discovered places to drive to with the kayaks for a lake paddle, or possibly with our camper van to spend a night out.
Once I got home I checked the maps. I should have turned left at the fork, a trip for another time.
PS I've just blipped the last three days. Life is very busy just now so I'm having trouble getting my blips up, and commenting on my friend's blips.  I apologise and shall try to do better...

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