Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Hello lovely Blippers,

When we heard Mr. and Mrs HCB chatting last night, our ears pricked up, because we heard mention of Mrs. HCB’s field and we know she hasn’t been over there for some time now.  However, we were disappointed that despite going to bed early last night, she was still in bed at 10 o’clock this morning!  Can you believe it?  We don’t know how she manages to sleep so much especially when there are adventures to be had!

By the time she had had her breakfast, it was after 11 o’clock, but Mrs. HCB decided that she would go over to her field then and invited Mr. HCB, but he has “tweaked” his back, so he thought it might be better to stay at home and rest, having promised Mrs. HCB he would not go out into the garden.  

We quickly jumped into her bag and off we went.  It was exciting to see the wild flowers growing - daisies, buttercups, dandelion and campion, and even some bluebells - we could hear the birds singing and having great fun fluttering around - we think there were some babies because they were making rather a lot of noise.

Of course, Mrs. HCB was taking photographs all the time but I guess that’s what you do when you’ve got a new camera phone.  She wandered round by the apple tree and it was a picture, with lots of apple blossom - well it would be wouldn’t it, on an apple tree - silly if it was anything else!

We climbed up carefully and of course, being the biggest, I was able to get further up than anyone else, but even Hoggy managed to get onto a branch and sniff some of the beautiful perfume from the blossoms.  We did have to be very careful though because underneath the tree are lots of stinging nettles and we know what that means - if we had fallen into them, even bears can get stung.  Tiny’s hat fell off a couple of times and Mrs. HCB picked it up very gingerly from amongst the nettles.  It was a good job there was no-one else around - or they might have wondered what a silly old lady was doing, taking photographs of bears in trees because I doubt they have heard of Blip or Silly Saturday!

After Mrs. HCB had taken lots of photographs (and boy does she take a lot!) we jumped back into her bag and went for a walk around the field.  It is all looking good and we were pleased to see that the grass hasn’t been cut too short, so we could see swathes of daisies, buttercups and dandelions.  

When we got to the oak tree, we were amazed to see the cow parsley all around, which looked as if it was protecting the trunk, but underneath them were lots of stinging nettles.  We know that Mrs. HCB was pleased to be in her field again, because she was singing and of course, she could do that very loudly because there was no-one else there!

We think that Admirer would have giggled if she could have heard Mrs. HCB singing and then bending down to take lots of photographs of the daisies because of course, Silly Saturday is in her memory.  Mrs. HCB also took a photograph of the flowers - called “candles” on the horse chestnut trees in the middle of the field.  In fact, many of you will have seen the Two Ronnies sketch, “Four Candles” - but if not, have a look here and if you don’t laugh out loud, we will be very surprised.  We have seen it so many times, but it still makes us laugh.

Hope you have a lovely weekend - stay safe and look after one another.  

With love to you all,

J H Ted, Tiny, Snowy, Penny Penguin and Hoggy xxxxx

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