By CanCarrier


Went climbing. I booked my slot during the week and got down there shortly after 10am. In previous weeks there has been a queue, but this wee, I was first in and the place was empty. This disconcerted me, I occasionally suffer from FOMO, and I wondered if everyone else had decided to leave the city or had found a better gig. However in short order everyone else turned up and although it was not as busy as in previous weeks I was reassured that I was not the only one who wanted to boulder. 

Afterwards I walked down to the Marine Esplanade. The patch on the fence has been pulled at but is still secure. So I had to climb the wall and drop under the fence again. But looking at the patch I feel certain that I could find a means of turning it into a gate of sorts. A couple of nice bits of seaglass, blue and red. 

On the way home up the Restalrig railway path I found a hundred dandelion clocks. 

Home to housework and a DVD. 

Work tomorrow Hey -ho. 

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