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The simple pleasures of summer

This photograph was not taken at the coast. I had to go to Haydon Bridge today to collect some eye drops for Mum. She has conjunctivitis which came on suddenly overnight.

The village streets were almost deserted, but I could hear happy shrieks from the river. The water level of the South Tyne is low and children and adults were enjoying splashing about and swimming there.

I have applied an Impressionist technique so that the children are not identifiable and I liked it for a change.

Rant coming on:
I tried the 111 system online first. After answering all the questions, it said to "contact your GP".
Then I phoned the walk in clinic in Hexham. I explained that I am a retired GP and that I needed a prescription for my mother who has conjunctivitis. I was told that I had to take her down. If that wasn't possible, I had to phone 111 and someone would visit the house.
That seemed like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

I dutifully phoned 111. I was told that the waiting time was about half and hour and that was correct.

Eventually I spoke to a very nice woman who had to go through all the questions, e.g. please touch the skin on her chest and tell me if it is hot or not. (I lied because I was nowhere near. )
She spoke to a supervisor who said a clinician would phone.

Then I decided to 'phone the pharmacist. I'm not up to date with what they can prescribe. Tom, the very lovely pharmacist at Haydon Bridge, told me that he could sell me chloramphenicol eye drops. He was closed but working in the shop, so just go and knock on the door.

Hurray. A nurse then phoned from 111 so I could tell her that I had solved the problem. "You've been resourceful" she said!

Back at home, the other Marjorie came for the afternoon. We were able to be in the garden with Mum in her wheelchair. (Note to self - start upper body training soon.) 

Apart from Mum having a nosebleed first thing and me washing and setting her hair, it's been a quiet day!!!

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