By Arachne

When I was seven I was in a play in which I was (type?)cast as a signpost. My five words were 'This way to Little Puddlesworth'. I repeated them so many times to the children who had more interesting roles that I have never forgotten them. 

Today was a reprise as I stood by the exit sign at the Oxford Mass Vaccination Centre and said, so many times that after five hours the muscles of my my mouth could no longer make the right shapes, 'Straight to the end then left to the steps'. I feel honoured that my additional 59 years' life experience mean I can be entrusted with an extra two words.

It was actually a very interesting morning as both the Astra Zeneca and the Pfizer vaccines were being administered (to older and younger people respectively) in the same space. And I am more than happy to be doing my bit to help make this mammoth programme succeed.

Despite appearances, I did not go to the pub this evening.

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