By kwchas

Geocaching near Saltersford

Last year Paul and I paid several visits to the Peak District for a spot of geocaching and today we resumed these walks. There is a huge series of caches called the Alien series in the area and we are slowly working our way through them. Today we had fabulous weather. Although it was very warm there was fortunately a bit of a breeze and we had a very successful if tiring day.  

Lands End to John O'Groats 1000 Mile Virtual Challenge Update

Day 113 -  South Yorkshire.  9.3 miles walked. 461.8 miles completed

I made good progress today so while I was really walking in the Peak District I was making virtual progress further north in the same National Park. In the real world I walked from Lamaload reservoir but in the virtual world I passed Strines, Dale Dyke, Agden and Broomhead reservoirs and the villages of Wigtwizzle and Midhopestones. I finished next to Midhope Reservoir which is to the west of Stocksbridge and is a place I have visited in the past

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