Still Rockin'

By RockArea

An Old Gate

I thought we were due for thunder today but I see it's been postponed until tomorrow (unless I got it wrong). It's been a lovely day with less of the cold breeze that we've had for the last couple of days. I've had another go at the van door and haven't been able to make any difference. Time to give it to the experts, I think. The village garage always do a great job so I hope they can sort this out for me.

This morning I donated a couple of guitars to a charity that loans them to youngsters in families without the means to buy instruments. I could have sold them on ebay I suppose but I'm very glad to support something like this. I did check the guy out before making the offer and found that he is a music teacher working in one of the local schools. So if any of my local fellow musicians have instruments, contact me and I'll give you the contact details.

I went out on the bike this afternoon, not for a serious ride, just a few miles with the camera. I took a few photos in different places but I like this one with the fisheye lens of an old gate. The trouble on a nice day like this is the stinging nettles when you're wearing shorts. I trod them down carefully as I went but they do sneak up on you when you're not looking!

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