Arnside and beyond

By gladders

A good day

The view of the setting sun from the pier in Arnside. Today I have omitted the photographer and his tripod who was in his usual position. I am always amazed at how quickly the sun moves northward as the days lengthen. This morning it was rising almost immediately behind Ingleborough.

It had been a crisp, bright day, and I was hoping for a clear twilight for a chance of seeing the comet Panstarrs which today is at about its nearest point to the Earth, and close to the crescent moon shortly after sunset. But it clouded up as the afternoon went on, and the comet was lost behind cloud.

This morning during our walk over the Knott I lost the lens cap of my telephoto lens. I retraced my steps in the snow, I searched all my pockets, but found nothing. And then for the first time ever, I got separated from Gus when he was distracted playing with another dog. It was a moment of panic, particularly as I could see him dashing back and forth on the hilltop looking for me, hearing my call, but not placing its direction (we do think he has hearing damage in one ear, so his stereo sound reception is not good). But then he saw me, and the relief on both sides was palpable. As we arrived back at the gate to Redhills Wood, I felt in my pocket for his lead, and there was the lens cap, magically restored to the pocket I had searched at least three times. A good day.

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