Arnside and beyond

By gladders

New Barns Curlew

There was no crimson sunset tonight, but an orange afterglow that was picked up in the waters of the Kent estuary. I heard the curlew fly up from my right, and waited for him to come into shot. There was a single redshank feeding at the water's edge.

I had to take the Jazz to Morecambe this morning for a job to be done, and Gus came with me, sitting patiently in the showroom while the mechanics were fitting the part. There was a time when he first arrived when he was timid and shy. Not now. He's very sociable with everyone he meets, and he had a few admirers while we waited.

After that I picked up the new computer in Lancaster, and came home to set it up. It's quick and has the most amazing screen. The only drawback has been that it won't read from or write to the external hard drives. Which does make accessing all those photographs that I desperately need to sort out something of a problem. Presumably the formatting of the drive for a PC is not compatible with an Apple computer, but there must be a way of getting round it.

I chose well for a day off, the weather was glorious, I could get used to a four day week. Gus did well too, two long walks at either end of the day, and a short one in the middle.

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