A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Between Cowesby & Kepwick

As you meander around the local country lanes you sometimes cross into what is the North York Moors. My main Blip I have just stopped outside the little village of Cowesby but the hills are within the NYM. 

I have passed along this lane before and on the other side of what looks like a saddleback you are in the equally small village of Kepwick. As we passed around the hills we notices what looked like a vast amount of heather up in the hills which was odd as ours has stopped flowering. 

Then we realised it wasn't heather but wild Rhododendron filling acres of hillside!

My extra doesn't do the scene justice but I wasn't about to scrabble up that hillside. Quite a few ramblers where all kitted out and about to head up. I snapped with my phone and that's what you get. ;o)

Sorry I have not visited journals again for a while, I have been sidetracked quite a bit lately. 

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