By spannarama

New setup

I picked up a new laptop at work last week, and my new monitor was delivered at the weekend, so today was my first day with my new setup.  It's good!  Nice to have a proper monitor now - I really didn't mind working from my laptop screen before, but I now realise how reflective it was.  You can see here how matt the surface of the new screen is - though it was still catching the tree shadows nicely this evening.

Also nice to be able to remove work completely from my personal laptop.  Now it's for photos only, just as it should be :)

Had a good, busy day, and got out for another lovely walk this evening.  Beautiful warm and sunny weather, with a nice breeze.  I went looking for wild irises at the natural pond on the heath, but could only see one, so I think they haven't quite got going yet.  I'll go back and check again soon.

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