By Stella2


A very grey day with several spells of rain.  I needed to take our grandson out in the morning because his mum had an interview and almost all the rooms were occupies.  We set out on his trike and fortunately I had an umbrella with me.  We made it to the playground which was rather wet but he ran around a little before it started to rain.  So I held the umbrella over him and we waited it out.  Another short play before we headed back home just as it started to rain again.

He is still suffering from a cold (as am I and his father) and he had a very long sleep at lunchtime while we met up with a friend of our daughters.  In the afternoon we headed out to the beach and I looked out for one of the most colourful areas for todays Wide Angle Wednesday challenge.  

We had a takeaway tonight from a local restaurant which was very good, great not to have to cook.

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