Yellow Flag

I was out early surveying woodland quadrats at Ring Haw, aiming to get my work completed in the cool of the morning, and be home in time to take Alex to a new client. All was going well until  near the end of my stint, when I tripped over a low bramble and fell headlong into a nettle patch, being stung viciously from head to toe. The pain was excruciating, but I had to carry on, and somehow I got the job done and was home just in time to ferry Alex to his new garden.

After collecting my accounts and books, I returned home for a cool shower, but this didn't really help and my skin was painful for the rest of the day, despite taking an antihistamine and an ibuprofen. I was glad that I'd gone out early though, as the mercury hit 28C in the afternoon - far too hot for me! This year we just seem to be swinging between extremes of weather.

The hot weather seemed to have affected the insect life in the garden - a few bees were zooming around, the Large Red Damselflies were flittering and procreating, but everything else was sparse. The Yellow Flag in the ponds are looking beautiful though - one of my favourite flowers as a child, though now I tend to gravitate to much smaller blooms!

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