By CanCarrier


So after getting away from the work station after 6pm I met up with A and we cycled round Leith looking for street art. 

I can't say that Sunshine on Leith is my favourite song, but it does resonate. 

We made our way down to the shore and then along to the fence at the Esplanade. The fence with the hole cut in it. The fence with the hole that has been patched. 

Well now the patch has been freed on one side and latched with a piece of bent wire so that it is now a gate. 

Hopefully it will take the authorities some time to notice and replace the zip-ties. 

And hopefully there is no CCTV recording of me and a pair of wire-cutters. 

Two other things, today I got my letter with my appointment for my second jab, and I tripped over my own feet crossing the road and I've pulled my ham-string again. Yuck. 

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